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Medicare Advantage Premium Protection

Part of our suite of Coordination of Benefits solutions.

Double-check your data, supercharge your savings.

Your Medicare Advantage plan likely receives a monthly Other Health Coverage Information File from CMS regarding members’ other health coverage. We find that on average 35 percent of that information is incorrect.

Our Medicare Advantage Premium Protection validates your CMS info using our advanced COB technology, matching experience, proven algorithms and unique data. Typically, each member with confirmed other coverage can save your program about $7,200 a year. For a plan with 50,000 members, misreported other coverage can equal more than $3 million in lost revenue annually.

Automatically validating this other coverage and monitoring premium payments requires purpose-built IT infrastructure and software. We’ll clean up your backlog for past members and keep you current.

Bottom line? We protect your premiums.

We track results so you receive lost premiums, and we make sure they are correct, both now and in the future.