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COB on Demand

Part of our suite of Coordination of Benefits solutions.

Sometimes, time really is money.

Member enrollment in a new health plan is often a time of high utilization as recipients seek services after a period of pent up demand. Having accurate information about a member’s other coverage as soon as they enroll in your plan gives both provider and payer a complete picture of available coverage from day one.

With this information, services can be billed efficiently, and abrasion related to disallowances and bill resubmissions can be minimized. But members’ employment and insurance status changes, and it can change frequently. Not to worry. COB on Demand has you covered.

COB on Demand will identify, verify and communicate existing other coverage at any point on the healthcare continuum, in as few as twenty seconds. Move your cost avoidance upstream, reduce the need for recovery activities and protect your out-of-pocket exposure as much as possible.