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COB Cost Avoidance

Part of our suite of Coordination of Benefits solutions.

Avoid improper payments. Avoid unnecessary headaches.

COB Cost Avoidance requires data. Lots of it. Our cost avoidance solution begins with matching customer membership files to our proprietary database containing coverage information from more than 1,270 sources. Our database includes eligibility information for more than 295 million individuals; and the data is refreshed daily.

And, even though we have the best coverage data available anywhere, it would not be nearly as effective without our proprietary data match. Hundreds of algorithms, developed over decades and refined every year, provide a 99.9% accuracy rate, ensuring you get the maximum results without false positives. Match results are qualified using your business rules and submitted for verification. This verification ensures that a matched policy is still active and determines the exact type of policy found. 

Our COB Cost Avoidance solution leads the industry in results and value; and we continue to deploy the latest engineering and technologies to make certain our clients maximize their savings.