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While most efforts to thwart opioid abuse focus on addressing addiction, a more powerful way to combat the opioid crisis is by identifying risk in the population early and intervening effectively. By leveraging the power of member-level analytics in "rising-risk" populations, it's possible for health plans to comprehensively address opioid abuse early, before misuse and addiction occur. In this white paper, you'll learn how to:

  • Use predictive analytics to yield actionable information to detect risk
  • Aggregate data across multiple claim types, member history and provider activity
  • Gain insight into fraud-focused analytics to pinpoint and correct root causes
  • Identify providers and pharmacies with suspicious prescribing patterns and volumes
  • Indicate possible relapse by monitoring use patterns of medication-assisted treatment for those with an opioid use disorder diagnosis
  • Proactively address opioid misuse, abuse and addiction with targeted intervention programs segmented by zip code, age, gender, category of eligibility and more