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Getting personal about population health


Our population health solution suite targets three main pillars of wellness. 

PNG-RGB_person-head-gear-orange-circleBehavioral Health

Anxiety and depression are on the rise. Identifying those at risk and engaging them early and effectively is the key to helping them live happier lives.


Person-Centric Care

When you increase a patient’s feeling of involvement in their own care, enable coordinated treatment and provide services with empathy, outcomes improve.


Social Determinants of Health

There’s little use telling someone that they need to get to a diabetes screening if they don’t have transportation. Addressing social issues dramatically improves a patient’s health.


One of the best ways to improve the efficiency of healthcare is to have fewer sick people.

We can help you accomplish this goal right now.

Our Population Health Management solution suite improves the well-being of your population by identifying high and rising risk individuals, engaging them to act and providing comprehensive care management when needed.

These solutions work together, or individually alongside your existing processes, creating a measurable increase in the health of your population, while improving their satisfaction and lowering costs.


Learn more about the solutions that make our PHM suite so powerful.


Population Risk Intelligence

AI-driven predictive models process over 1,000 predictors from claims and social determinants of health to identify those most at risk in your population.




Health Engagement Management

Turn insights into action and use highly tailored and targeted outreach to ignite positive action in your most at-risk constituents.



Care Management Platform

For those who require one-on-one encouragement, Essette enables seamless care management, prioritization and reporting. Think of it as your care traffic controller.

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