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Amidst this ongoing global health crisis, healthcare payers must revisit how they maintain their program integrity efforts to continue protecting against fraud, waste and abuse; while also being sensitive to reducing the administrative burden on healthcare providers so patients can get the critical care they desperately need. 

In this on-demand webinar, we'll provide essential information about the program integrity landscape in the pandemic, and address ‘best practices’ for adopting a flexible and effective approach to maintaining program integrity during COVID-19 and beyond. You’ll learn about:

  • Federal and state requirements and guidance for provider audit activities in light of COVID
  • Federal legislation, Medicaid waivers and other legislative and regulatory impacts
  • Current actions taken by CMS, state Medicaid programs and health plans
  • Tips for streamlining audit practices to lighten provider burden while maintaining cost management and compliance




Gary Call, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer


Kristen Ballantine
VP, Government Relations


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