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Working Spouse Provision Verification

Part of our suite of Payment Integrity solutions.

Pay for YOUR employees, not someone else’s.

Employees’ spouses on your plan cost an average of $4,686 a year, each. In our experience, approximately seven to 12 percent of spouses have access to other coverage of their own from a job or elsewhere.

Employers can dramatically reduce or eliminate this cost with a Working Spouse Provision Verification from HMS. It gives employers the information needed to implement cost-saving options, including directing spouses to the benefits offered by their own employers, or by paying an additional premium.

HMS has deep experience in Working Spouse Provision Verification whether as a component of a full Dependent Eligibility Verification, as a stand-alone process for verifying spouses currently covered on health plans, or when employees enroll new spouses.

Throughout the process, employees receive proactive and thoughtful communications explaining the reasons for verification, necessary steps for plan compliance and next steps to take if other coverage is identified.